Hérépian is pretty in the way that you want and expect from an old French town. Its church tower is visible on the skyline as you approach, setting the tone for the soft-colored stone houses with their red tiled roofs. All around are the vineyards that have been the lifeblood of the place for over 2,000 years, and the lakes and rivers that provide a cool retreat from the hot summer sunshine. Life here goes on as it has for centuries, working to the rhythm of the seasons and refusing to be hurried by modern concerns. If you are seeking peace and a real sense of history, Hérépian could be the ideal spot for you. It has about 1500 inhabitant with 3 restaurants, a few cafés and a small super market, and several boulangerie of course. We highly recommend L’Ocre rouge restaurant 12, place de la croix 34600 Hérépian.

Herepian_vue_2Hérépian is classified as a town of arts and crafts. It is historically known as a centre of the silver trade, and this is thought to be the main reason for the development of the town in the 13th century. Although they closed long ago, the locality housed both zinc and silver mines.Hérépian

The alchemist’s tale…

A man named Zéphirin Bousquet once lived in the village. He began working as blacksmith’s apprentice, and it is said that he would have made a very accomplished blacksmith had he continued with the craft, but Zéphirin wanted to become a founder alchemist. He completed a long apprenticeship, and finally became a ‘saintier’, a founder who would travel from town to town to ply his trade. The rest of his story is told in one of Hérépian’s main attractions, the Museum of the Bell.