Wines around Hérépian

Regional Wines

The whole region is dominated by vineyards, and much of life revolves around the production of wine. Languedoc-Rousillon claims to be the largest vineyard in the world, and anyone who has spent a holiday here wouldn’t argue with this.

Until relatively recently however, most wines in this area had not been considered good quality. The wines certainly did not have the same reputation as wines from Bordeaux or Burgundy. Times are changing – and quickly. Some of the wines now rank with the best from the other wines growing areas of France. There are many extremely good wines around Hérépian and visitors can take their time to discover the many other excellent wines in the area


The Faugères vineyards, like all of the Coteaux du Languedoc, go back to Roman times. Most of the vines are grown in rocky stony soil, and produce a red wine that is the perfect accompaniment for meats and game.

Most of the caves have people who are quite happy to spend time with visitors and to explain their craft and their life producing some of the best red wine in the world.

Village of Faugères: 9 miles from Hérépian


The Saint-Chinian appellation, is set on both sides of the Orb and the Vernazobres. The production area is limited to dry rocky slopes or terraces, oriented in most cases towards the sea.

There is an extensive range of wines of the Saint-Chinian cru that will satisfy a good number of culinary recipes. There are rich and full-bodied wines to accompany most meat and game and lighter wines that are excellent with the cheese course.

Village of St. Chinian: 17 miles from Hérépian


Wine from the village of Cabrières is excellent. The wine’s full name is Cabrières Coteaux du Languedoc Caves de Vignerons de Cabrières. This identifies it as a red wine from the Coteaux du Languedoc region in the Midi, or south of France, produced by the local co-operative.

Production of the rose wine is also dominated by the local co-operative. Cinsaut is the local grape variety and must make up 45% of the blend for the wine.